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Basic and Applied Research on the Complex Dynamics of Human, Social and Multi-Agent Systems using Advanced Computational Analysis and Modeling Techniques, Wireless and Mobile Behavioral Tracking and Measurement Methods, and VR and AI Technologies.

Who We Are

Mike Richardson (PhD)

Professor, Macquaire University

    Professor of Experimental Psychology and ARC Future Fellow, with 20+ years of research experience on human perception and action, social and team coordination, and multi-agent systems. He has worked in the US and Australia and has expertise in data analytics, time-series analysis, complex systems modelling, motion- and mobile-tracking technologies, eye-tracking and physiological measurement, interactive virtual reality, human machine interaction, and human centered AI.

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    Rachel Kallen (PhD)

    Associate Professor of Psychology, Macquaire University

      Utilizes a complex systems framework to investigate and understand a range of human and social behaviors and systems. She has worked in the US and Australia and has 20+ years of expertise bridging both basic and applied science in the areas of stigma, inter-group relations, and the sciences of diversity and equity. She has advance skills in statistical analysis and data analytics, time-series analysis, as well as in the analysis and modeling of social networks and complex multi-agent systems.

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      Consultant Services

      Complex Human Data Analytics and Modeling

      Analysis and Modeling of Complex Human Performance Data and Multivariate Time-Series Data.

      Research Reviews, Evaluations and Recommendations

      On Research in the Psychological, Cognitive and Human Movement Sciences, Diversity Sciences, VR and Human-AI Systems.

      Work Place and Educational Diversity

      Assessing Organizational Diversity and Developing Equitable Procedures for Recruitment and Retention.

      VR and Human-AI Research and Training Systems

      Development VR and Human-AI Research Applications and Multi-agent Training Systems

      Current Projects

      Social Coordination and Isolation

      Social Coordination and Isolation

      Virtual Reality Perspective Taking

      Virtual Reality Perspective Taking

      Human-AI Training Systems

      Human-AI Training Systems

      Team and Multi-agent Dynamics

      Team and Multi-agent Dynamics

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